15 perfect list building Plugins for Faster WordPress Email Subscribers

Maybe you’re looking for the link building advanced plugins for the WordPress. These plugins offer an advanced feature for the landing pages like split testing, lead magnet delivery, etc.

Probably you’ve created a new website and wanted to engage traffic to your site. For the successful online business, you should have a good email connection with the customers.

Building an email list is the key to the success of websites as these emails gives regular notifications to the customers. These emails draw more customers towards them.

Building email list makes super easy for the buyers to receive the maximum information for your content area. Anyhow there are many free list building plugins accessible in the market that boost the performance of the websites through creating faster email subscribers.

Let’s see which are of the 15 plugins are best to choose in 2019 for the optimum functioning of the WordPress.

1. Optin Monster

Optin monster is one of the most commonly used plugins that are very simple and easy to use especially for the beginners. The performance of this plugin is so high that it helps to design the perfect optin in just 1 minute.

It is a revolutionary plugin that has more advanced features and implements the use of optin monster for getting a large number of subscribers. This Optin monster helps to generate more than 600% email subscribers in just one week.

This plugin offers different ways to the people to get in your email listing. The optin monster helps to create a list of the email subscribers and in the signing up process.

You can make the option of email subscriber within the content below the content and your sidebar. The efficiency of this plugin is maximum for the users as they don’t feel any hurdle even through on phone or tablet.

This plugin keeps you updated about the behavior of the subscribers like when are stop watching your content or even when they’re going to leave your WordPress site.

This plugin is very efficient in hitting the specific traffic to the site, create unblockable popups and slide-in optin boxes. Optin Monster use the AB testing to get high throughput for the sites.

The versatility of this plugin is that it is packed with the exit intent trigger. This plugin helps to create a large number of email subscribers to your site as some websites have claimed that it helps to get 300% more subscribers.

2. Lead Pages

Lead pages is the powerful list building plugin for getting the high number of email subscribers. The main benefit of using this site is that it provides the full view on any device like mobile phones.

The lead pages help the people to create the beautiful landing pages, a large number of email subscribers and simple pretty looking interface of the blog. This plugin requires no coding, and you can easily publish the pages.

Lead pages is very useful for the beginners as they found no problem in the designing of the site to attract the subscribers. More than 350 templates are accessible on the plugin that can be used in building the site.

The bloggers have claimed that it increases the email subscribers by 34%. This plugin is budget friendly as well as it is accessible in very less money for more than a year.

Lead pages keeps you updated about the activity of the customers and can be used on other platforms as well.

3.Convert Plug WordPress Plugin

This is one of the professionally used high power plugins that works much faster. This plugin has the fully customized popups that help to attract the visitors, and in no time these visitors become the email subscribers.

The unique point of this plugin is that it has 12 visitor behavior triggers and 10 pop up display positions. Some advanced features are offered by this plugin like opt-in pop out, exit popup, video pop up, slide in pop-ups, embedded forms and much more.

These high-quality features help to convert the visitors to email subscribers just in seconds. There are almost 100 templates accessible on this plugin for the designing of the website so you can design a beautiful site.

Apart from that this plugin provides security to your content by giving you the lock option. In that case, the email subscribers will be unable to see your secured content.

4. Bloom

The team developed bloom at Elegant Themes. This is the fully featured advanced plugin that gives the various opt-in types and the locking option for the content.

This plugin has multiple opt-in forms like popover, fly-in, below-post, inline and widgets. Bloom through the use of these mentioned features helps to get the maximum number of subscribers.

It even gives the option to the subscribers to download the content. When we come towards the exit intent trigger, this plugin is not suitable as it doesn’t provide the option of the exit intent trigger.

This plugin offers a large number of templates for the designing of the WordPress site. It provides various integration to the mail subscribers and the basic report functionality.

5. Pop-up Domination

As the name indicates, this plugin is famous for the working of the optin-form popovers and popups. This WordPress plugin even gives the option of installation of the WordPress site in the standard version.

The main disadvantage of this plugin is that these pop-ups not work well on mobile phones. This plugin is suitable to use for the email marketing subscribers. It provides almost 24 templates for the designing of the WordPress sites.

Not only on WordPress but this plugin can also be used on other platforms as well. It offers the AB split testing for the categorizing the scam customers.

6. Thrive Architect

This plugin is one of the professionally used plugins that convert the visitors to subscribers in no time. With the help of this plugin, you can design the high-quality landing pages to attract the customers.

You can even customize the pages to blog posts. It has used a large number of tools for the designing of the confirmation pages like confirmation page and opti-in form page.

The designs of the plugins are highly themed like for podcasters, course creators, webinar hosts and more. There are almost 150 templates, buttons, and forms available.

This plugin is highly responsive for the mobile users as well. It helps to create the custom page layouts and drag-drop builders for the site. Thrive architect is compatible with the popular themed plugins and offers a large number of benefits to the users.

7. Akismet

The professional WordPress worker Matt developed Akismet. This plugin is useful to find out the scam comments the scam visitors to the site. Apart from the email subscribers, this plugin gives the history of the comments.

This plugin is an anti-spam plugin which keeps your WordPress site safe from the scammers. It provides the users with the options to watch the number of approved comments, the history of the URLs. The developers can even remove the scammy content or links from the comments of the customers.

Akismet is the professional plugin that is in high use for the security of the WordPress. Anyhow its main purpose is to keep an eye on the subscribers and provide a high number of trusted viewers.

8. Optimize Press 2.0

The main purpose of this site is to make the highly attractive landing pages. It gives the option of drag and drops to customize the designs to the landing pages. It has more advanced features to make the site excellent.

Almost it gives about 30 themes and 40-page elements for the utilization of the WordPress site. It creates the sales page, landing page and even membership portals for the users.

The plugin is mobile friendly as well so that the customers can have a full review of the plugin on the mobiles. The efficiency of this plugin is maximum because it works with the significant membership systems like Wishlist, DAP, and Member mouse, etc.

9. Optin Panda

The main feature of this plugin is that it gives the security to the content through the function of content locking plugin. When you add the opti-in form to your targeted content, it hides the content from the subscribers. In this way, you can keep the security of your content.

For the reading of the exclusive content it gives the option to the subscribers to read the content from some social media site instead of an email list. It usually offers 2 distinct styles for the content locking.

As it helps to save the leads to the WordPress so that you can export or import the mail list. Apart from it, you can cut the option of the locking when you want to show that specific content. It also gives the opportunity for the time interval so that you can set the timing of the security.

10. WP Subscriber

This is very simple to use list building plugin for the mail purpose. After activation of this plugin, you can select the widget and add the widget to your WordPress site.

It gives the option of editing the text through the possibility of Labels. You can also choose a specific color for the text by using the CSS down below. Anyhow now the present time it is supporting three email providers, i.e. MailChimp, AWeber, and Feedburner.

It’s a very active plugin, and you’ve to use a shortcode for its implementation. It gives the option of exit intent for the display of popovers. WP Subscriber is mobile-friendly as well.

11. MailChimp for WordPress

This plugin is best to choose if you’re looking for the necessary opt-in forms. It has a large number of features like it uses statistics, registration forms, woo commerce checkouts, get the subscribers to comment box, Easy Digital Download checkouts, etc.

This plugin is easy to use on the mobile as well as it gives the option of mobile customization too. The subscribers have to do only one click for attaining all the benefits.

This plugin enables the color customization option for the designing of the website. MailChimp for WordPress is a free plugin that is available online.

12. SumoMe

Sumome is the list builder app that can be used for MailChimp, Aweber, Campaign, and Constant Contact. The versatility of this plugin is that it provides a large number of pop-ups to convert the visitors to subscribers.

Sumome uses the exit intent technology that informs the developers which subscribers are going to leave the site. The frequent use of this plugin is because it is a free plugin and simple to use so the beginners can quickly get benefit from it.

13. Optin Feature Box Plugin

This plugin is used only and only if you have a good command on HTML and CSS. This plugin uses the AB sample testing to detect the quality of the customers. This testing shows which subscribers are a scammer or who are real.

It is packed with the highly attractive features like attractive and straightforward interface. It offers a large variety of highly-attractive templates for the designing of the WordPress site.

It has the feature box plugin from the Plugmatter that makes the addition of optin easy, offers different subscription boxes for different pages and creates highly targeted email campaigns.

It is very beneficial for the people who have trouble handling the pop-ups. This is very simple to deal with the pop-ups.

14. Pippity

Pippity is less popular than others as it is beneficial only to build pop-ups. It is simple to use for creating the regular pop-ups and pop up bars.

The users can do various customization to the WordPress site through this plugin. They can change the style, customize the colors and buttons for preset. Anyhow there are 12 popup templates accessible on this plugin.

15. Ice Gram

This is the free plugin with a variety of features like a building of popups, action bars, messenger popups, and toast notifications. It works in seconds for creating a complete pop up for a targeted campaign.

You can set the time and date to the content of this site. This plugin is very beneficial for email marketing services.


List building plugins are very helpful to attract a large number of customers. These plugins help to convert the visitors to the email subscribers in no time. Above mention is some popular plugin that enhances the SEO of the sites. Each of them is beneficial in its perspective regard.


This article is guiding the people for the 15 perfect list building plugins for faster WordPress email subscribers. These plugins are beneficial to access the service online and useful especially for beginners.