5 SEO Backlinking Tips for 2019

If you are sick and tired of hearing the same SEO tips over and over again then don’t worry because today, we will be telling you the top 5 SEO backlinks tips which you can use to rank your website or blog on the first page of any search engine in 2019. So, without any further discussion, let’s jump into the tips.

1- Make Guest Posts Wisely

Get more traffic from your existing pages by covering subtopics that Google wants to see. The average #1 ranking page can rank for about 1000 other relevant keywords. You have to do a content gap analysis in order to find those keywords. You can go to www.ahrefs.com and paste the URL of the article from your website there and that’s it. Then add the URL of another website which is at first page of Google. Compare the numbers of your website with that. You will see every single detail about the keyword included in URL. After this open the content gap from left side of the page, add top 3 website’s URL in there and under it you have to add yours. Then it will show you all the keywords which you are missing in your website. After then just create the guest posts with those keywords included in it.

2- Make Your Images as Your Backlinks

Creating quality graphics is hard and expensive. If you’ve created an infographic, image graphs with data, or taken some cool photos, then you definitely want credit form those. right? You can do it just by using Google Chrome. Just right click on the image and click “search Google for images”. You will see that those images are appear in a bunch of other websites. After this you just contact the owner of the website which is using your graphic and ask him/her to change the graphic’s link to your website’s link as a credit. This will automatically convert the image into a backlink to your website.

3- Always Post to related niche

Whenever you are trying to pitch the websites for getting backlinks from them, keep in mind that never go for a website which is not related to your niche or category. For example, you have a website which is on sport’s niche and you have posted a guest post on a website which has a niche of science. So the visitor of that website is interested in science that’s why they have gone to a science website. So why should a person will visit a website in which he has no interest. So in short, it is the waste of time to get backlinks from irrelevant websites.

4- Keep an eye on your competitors

Always spy on your competitors because the competitor which is on the first page is for a reason. Try discovering the ways and the websites which your competitors are working with.

5- High-Quality Content

The most important thing is the quality of the content which you are using for your guest posting. If your content has no quality then all the tips are useless. So always try to make high-quality content as much as you can.