Best Steps to secure Domain Name

It’s very necessary for domain owners to secure their domain names. Many cases have been noted that people have stolen other domain names. So we will summarize some best and easiest ways to secure domain name.

Lock the Domain:

If you enable this option, it will block the domain for further transfer. So this option always be checked. Only disable this option if you really want to transfer your domain name. Domain lock is simple step and this option is present in every domain registrar panel.

Domain Whois Privacy:

Always use the privacy option enable for your domains. It will protect your domains from further accessing resources used by hackers. So this will be a great option and add an extra layer to domain security.

Two step verification:

Every domain owner must set up this option. It is very easy to set up and very secure for domain security. Two step verification means when you access specific domain name, domain registrar will ask you to verify your login via mobile also. So pin will be generated and send to your mobile via message. You will only authorize to access the domain when you provide the correct pin.

Registrant details:

You must update your personal details with the registrar. So in any case of fraud activity, it will be easy for registrar to contact you. So this step is also very important.

Auto domain renew:

This option always be checked. You can’t imagine how quickly time will surpass. When you make payment through credit card, you should keep updated about your credit card expiry date.

Be Conscious about contact information:

Be good, regarding the contact data you give in your registration, and keep it current. as an instance, think about retaining completely different contacts for the “registrant,” “admin” and “tech” contacts, thus your registrar can have multiple ways in which to accomplish you. And do not use secondary e-mail address containing the name that’s the topic of the registration — if there is a downside with the name, then your registrar may not be able to contact you at that e-mail address.