How to Get Maximum Backlinks to your site?

Today we are going to tell you five ways to get maximum high-quality backlinks to your blog or website. Instead of you chasing other websites for links let those links come to you. We will show you how to have maximum backlink opportunities getting emailed into your inbox every single day. And keep in mind, it is absolutely free. We will be showing you some websites here which will provide you with the backlinks on some high authority websites. Which means you don’t have to search for the backlinks and ping every blog or website owner for the backlinks. So, let’s jump right into it.

  • The first website is HARO (help a reporter out). It is 100% free. The way that it works is you can register for HARO as a source. It’s a website that connects journalists with business owners. When journalists create stories, they want to feature certain people to give credibility to their stories. So, they might be writing a story about the “mistakes a small business owner might make” or they are writing a story about some kind of medical condition or something else and they will be looking for people to quote.
  • Source Bottle is another platform for you guys to get maximum backlinks. This website works similar to HARO. You can register on either as a journalist or blogger or as a source seeking publicity. For example, if you are looking for links to your website or to your blog then, of course, you need to register as a source. Just click on “be a source” and register. Then you will start receiving notifications. All you have to do is sit back and wait and you will start receiving a lot of email alerts for the summary of all the current call-outs for sources and topics of interests.
  • There is another website called PitchRate. So, once again you can either sign up as a journalist or as an expert. If you are an expert in a particular topic, maybe you have got a health-related blog or a mining-related blog, you can sign up. It’s free and likewise, you will get notifications into your email inbox daily about opportunities where you can contribute a bit of a piece. It will only need to be several sentences long and you might score a link from a very high authority website.
  • The next website is called ProfNet. Like all other websites, you also don’t have to pay anything to use this website. Everything is completely free. You just have to register on this website. Once you are registered on this website you will be put on the database. This is also similar to all other websites.

So, these were some of the websites from which you can get maximum backlinks and you can get many chances to rank your website higher on Google search engine. Hope this information helped you in getting maximum backlinks. If so, then comment down your favorite website.