Strategies and Techniques for building Backlinks in 2019

Today we are going to tell you some strategies and techniques for building Backlinks step-by-step. Of course, these strategies and techniques are not going to be for every single website but they need to be optimized around your specific niche. But regardless, the techniques are very powerful. Before going to apply the strategies and techniques, there are some questions which you have to ask yourself.

Questions to be Asked yourself

The first question is how many links can your domain handle? Generally, when you are looking at this, you’re going to have a look at domain age. Have you got a pre-existing domain? Have you bought an aged domain? Is it an expired domain? Or is it a fresh domain? Generally, fresh and expired domains are going to take a little bit of a longer approach to be able to build out links.

You also have to look at the existing links that are already on there in case you want to have a look at how much anchor text your page or domain has already.

Also, spy your competitors’ links. Do your competitors have active links, people doing profiles to actually continually build links every month or every week.

Another question to ask yourself is what kind of links should you be building? Are they white or black? And also, what will it take to outrank?


So, after all these decisions let’s come to the techniques, strategies and tips. But before we actually jump into the strategies, we are telling you to please do not follow the tips to the absolute nook and cranny. You need to optimize this for your individual niche.

Strategies and Techniques

The first technique is to analyze your niche and you competing for websites to be able to know what it will take you to actually outrank them, including links to be able to find out how many links you will need start rating them by theirs.

Build social profiles like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, anything where you can really get a follow link or an even a default link in some cases such as Pinterest by getting a profile as up and ready.

Next one is real blog comments. These are legitimate blog comments on real blogs that industry blogs related to your niche. Don’t hire some stupid service that does this for you. Do this by yourself because you’re wanting to write actual comments. This will help to build a relationship with people.

Next one is to put some supporting content straight into the place. This is basically supporting content, which not only helps your topical relevancy to help your money page increase better but it also gives you the ways to spread your link building across the website.

Don’t build all of your links to your many pages especially if it’s a brand-new website because you are going to end up getting over optimization penalized, penalty or sun boxes which are going to cause problems.

You have to do some diversity links. Do some free links like wins Reddit, images on BuzzFeed etc., Q&A links, HQ 2.0s, HQ Directories, HQ Doc Shares, Review links and infographic placements and submissions.

After two months of using these techniques just start building links based on your current results.