Top 10 SEO techniques and ideas for 2019

THave you ever wondered on the SEO tips which experst are recommending actually work. Just using the target keywoard in your website’s URL really have not much impact. The site speed relally play a factor in rankings. In this article, we are gonna tell you the top 10 SEO techniques that you can use to increase your website’s ranking on Google. Let’s come to the topic.

1- Use short URLs

Our study at on-page SEO factors shows that on average shorter URLs within the competition of long URLs gives reasonably better performance in ranking up in any search engine. If you are a wordpress user, all you need to do is just click on URL box and enter a new shorter URL.

2- Use your primary keyword in your URL

When making your URL, make sure that you are using the same primary keyword of your article in the URL. According to our experiments and SEO experts this method has shown a significance difference in the ranking of a website.

3- Use your keyword in the headline (H1)

According to our research, we have found that around 80% of the websites which are ranked in top 10 positions on the Google search engine uses their primary keyword in their main heading. This also helps in increasing the ranking of the website.

4- Add external links to authoritative websites

Reboot’s online study shows that adding external links to authoritative websites help in getting top position in search engine. Reboot ran an experiment in which they made 10 websites. They added external links in 5 and the other 5 websites were without external links and the result was clear. The 5 websites with the external links showed higher rankings in the comparison to others.

5- Adding internal links

Majority of SEO experts and experiments shows that adding internal links to the pages that you want to rank higher results a boost in the ranking of those pages.

6- Reoptimizing the titles

Study shows that reoptimizing the titles on underperforming pages also improve the ranking of the page on search engine.

7- Creating in-depth articles

People have been raving for long form content from quite some time. In fact, our study shows that the content length has the second best co-relation across all on-page SEO factors that we have studied. But the question is how long? Instead of focusing here on words count, focus on the coverage. Make sure that you have covered all the aspects of the topic.

8- Use modifiers on titles

Modifiers are ad-on words to a base keyword. The favourites are best, buy, top and the current year. People are often to search any thing with these words. For example best golf club 2018.

9- Don’t have slow loading pages

In 2010, Google announced a new signal in their search engine algorithm and in June 2018, Google has also announced that speed will be a ranking factor on mobile searches.

10- Use image compressors

Due to large images size, it takes time to load a page which effects the ranking of that page. Therefore using an image compressor to reduce image size will help you out.

So these were the top 10 SEO techniques that you should start doing from now to give your website or blog top position on the search engine. Hope you liked the techniques. Stay tuned for more SEO tricks and hacks.