Top 10 Tips to Create High-Quality Backlinks

If you want to start feeling the love from Google and get your website to start ranking in the search engines in 2019, then you definitely need some high-quality backlinks. So getting backlinks from other websites is a huge ranking factor for Google. So, today we are covering 10 pro tips to create high-quality backlinks for 2019. A quality backlink is a link from or a popular website like magazines, newspapers, local directories or government websites. So let’s get right into it.

1- Quality Content

The number one thing that is going to get you backlinks is quality content.  If you use statistics, great images, expertise, examples or the real-life expertise to support arguments, then there are more chances that a website owner will link to your content.

2- Become a Go-To Source

There is a website called whose only job is to connect experts to journalists and bloggers that are looking for sources. Just sign up as a source and that’s it.

3- Mini Multimedia Posts

First of all, you have to create one great piece of content. The just send an email to the blog owner and in that email, you can link directly to that piece of content that you have created. But after this, you also have to offer to write a unique mini-post to accompany it.

4- Piggyback off your competitor’s homepage link

The majority of links have an anchor text to the company’s brand name. And with branded anchors like this, it’s usually a general mention of the company. So what you are going to do is just create a quality content.

5- Build links to your existing pages

Build links to your existing pages that need the extra boost. There are chances that both you and your competitor have the same type of content, products or services. So what you have to do is just pick a page on your site that you want to build backlinks to. Show them how your product is different.

6- Submit Guest Post to Related Websites

If you have a website on health niche and you have submitted a guest post on a website whose niche is technical. Then it will not help you much even the website is very famous. Keep in mind that the backlinks will help you only in that case if you post them on a website which is related to your website’s niche.

7- Content Marketing Strategies

Building a social media audience or building an email list is one of the best things to do. Because, if you put out your content and right away you are able to get 20 shares, there are going to be other people who will see your content and will share it.

8- Link Roundups

What you are going to do is just go to Google and type in your keyword phrase or industry + link roundup or roundup. Then just find the opportunities based on those searches. Once you find the right website, you are just going to reach out in a very similar way as for guest posting.

9- Links From Podcasts

Podcasts are becoming more popular than ever before. If you go on a podcast, they are going to usually link back to your website in the show notes from their website. The cool thing about this is they will link to just about any page you want them to.

10- Broken Link Building

You have to find a dead 404 page from a competitor’s website that has backlinks. Then recreate that page with your own twist and then you email everyone who is still linking to that broken page and ask them to replace the dead links with yours. There are few ways to find broken pages with backlinks using Site Explorer or Ahrefs.