WordPress vs. Blogger (Critical Review 2019)

In the world of blogging and designing websites, there are some huge names like Blogger and WordPress that users prefer to opt for and today. We will make a comparison between WordPress and Blogger; we will unveil valuable information regarding both, and then with some certain logics we will be telling you in what ways WordPress carries more weight as compared to Blogger.


Blogger is a name of blogging service delivered by Google; it allows you to publish your content on the web without costing you anything. Though you don’t own it yet it is reliable; this service is run by Google, so it also holds the right of shutting it down, yes you got it right shutting it down means your access will also be shut down any time.

Blogger is a useful platform for all those who come with a sole interest of starting their blog and website to convey and share their thoughts. Until and unless your interests are confined to this then Blogger is the right choice for you. It is a relatively simple platform that doesn’t demand a technical awareness. There will be few limitations you would find in Blogger when it comes to functionalities + the SEO perks.


For content management system for designing and building blogs and sites ‘WordPress’ is one of the most well-reputed and widely used names. Its functionalities, themes and rest of the things are undoubtedly matchless and incredible. If you want to generate money by sharing your thoughts, then WordPress will be just the ticket for you.

One of the best features of WordPress is that it is SEO-friendly. All the WordPress sites are equipped with built-in SEO characteristics. SEO is a name of that measurable process that improves the ranking of your blog or website by sending signals to search engines.

WordPress is the most famous website management system for building websites and blogs. All WordPress sites come with built-in SEO features like the eligibility to let the search engines move content. So with WordPress, you tend to get the best SEO perk, Backlinks is yet another indispensable part of SEO procedure. Backlinks assist the search bots to move on your blog/site and then it ranks it precisely to its content. Each of the Backlinks is related to a ranking process.

WordPress vs. Blogger – Which One is Better and Why?

Word press stands to outclass and is better than Blogger, what makes is better let’s take a look below:

  • Blogger is okay as long as you are not thinking of making money through it, if you need to make money through blogging, then Blogger isn’t a good choice. WordPress, on the other hand, will be the best choice for you to gross money and for turning yourself into a brand.
  • WordPress gives you a more significant exposure as compared to Blogger, though you are required to install WordPress on the server (your own) still despite this technicality you get to have excellent support from WordPress community. It opens up great avenues of learning for you.
  • Blogger doesn’t give you a free hand, it restricts you in many ways, whereas when you use WordPress then you are given a free hand, you are allowed to determine as for how long you are interested in running it, to keep it run or to shut it down will be entirely your decision to take.
  • Using WordPress means all your data belongs to you, you own it, the ownership is purely yours.
  • Blogger comes with limited tools, because of the confined tools you are unable to perform some tasks. On your blog, you will be able to perform some particular tasks not more than that. In this scenario, you feel prisoned. On the other hand, you would find WordPress software that is open source that gives you an ease of performing tasks with a great range of features.
  • WordPress has thousands of plugins; you can modify them and use them without any limitations.
  • With WordPress you are allowed to host your files, you are given freedom to design it the way you want. It also allows you to use it either for professional purposes or personal purposes; the choice is yours.
  • Using your blog or site with WordPress, you are also allowed to have control on SEO; it means you will even get to have complete control while adding the SEO plugins to turn your blog SEO friendly.
  • People who are interested in making a business blog can be benefited best from WordPress because it provides them an ample amount of incredible features for their blogs.
  • Blogger comes with a fewer set of templates, here you are allowed to change the colors, you can also modify the layouts of the templates by utilizing the built-in-tools, but the problem occurs when are unable to make your layouts, you are not allowed to make any modifications.
  • WordPress is fully loaded with thousands of free of cost themes, with the help of these WordPress theme you can establish an eye-popping thoroughly professional sits/blog. All the themes of WordPress are of sublime quality, and the icing on the cake is you can change them handily because they are customizable.
  • Blogger comes with very insufficient support; when it comes to support, then you are not given much choice. Blogger has very typical credentials that sometimes turn out to be a bit annoying and tedious.

Final Verdict

In short, WordPress is better in several ways as compared to Blogger; you will find its community support system so active and vibrant. You can enhance your insight and vision regarding your site and blog by getting the help of other WordPress users as there is IRC chatroom, there is also online documentation. So for the exposure and growth of your site, it will be wise to opt for the best one, and after this critical review of WordPress and Blogger, it has to be concluded without a grain of doubt that WordPress is what you need for grossing money and for branding yourself.